Our approach

We build collaborative, long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We pride ourselves on strong after-sales support to optimise the service we provide.

Collaborative, long-term partnerships

Our products and services are designed with industry in mind, solving real-world challenges and problems we have observed in person. This ensures everything we do makes a difference to our customers.

Pathfindr staff are in regular contact with all customers, including on-site visits and performance reviews.

Product Steering Council

We invite all customers to make suggestions for how we can improve our products and services. Regular multi-customer forums are facilitated to suggest and discuss new ideas and gather feedback on how they could be developed. The most popular feature ideas are then incorporated into our development roadmap and provided at no extra cost to our customers.

Zero infrastructure

Our products and services require zero infrastructure to install and deploy. We know this is important as it avoids disruption to ongoing production and minimises installation costs as there is no need for additional networking, power supplies or working at height.

We provide our own connectivity so there is no need to use customer wifi unless that option is preferred.

User-centred design principles

Most of our team come from web and software design backgrounds, and have worked for many years in User Experience roles. We always ensure that we keep the user at the centre of our design decisions in order to maintain products that are intuitive and simple to use.

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