Protect Your People.
Safeguard Your Reputation.

Create virtual safety exclusion zones that warn your workers when they’re getting too close to dangerous or moving equipment with our Zonr Plant Proximity solution.

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“Work sites are fast-moving, dynamic environments, and through using this system to automatically alert workers to dangers, we’re highly confident we can further improve safety across our sites.”


– Alan McLeish, Managing Director, QTS Group

Accidents happen.
Don't let them happen to you.

Every year, thousands of workers and plant operators are injured and hundreds killed by coming into unnecessary contact with dangerous or moving equipment. Zonr helps stop this from happening by alerting workers when they’re getting too close to hazardous machinery.
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Here’s how Zonr works.

  • The system creates a virtual barrier around anything you attach it to using UWB technology
  • If a worker enters that zone, they’re alerted via a vibrating tag on their arm and an audible alarm
  • The machine operator is alerted that someone has entered that zone by an audible alarm and a flashing red light
  • The system gathers and stores data of each incursion, so you can monitor and manage how often they happen

How Zonr helps your business.

Keep your workers safe

Ensure duty of care to your employees and contractors.

Gather safety intelligence

Analyse incursion data to understand how often people breach exclusion zones.

Protect your reputation

Avoid HSE investigations and demonstrate health and safety compliance.

Set up in

Quickly and easily deploy or transfer exclusion zones as you work.


Show prospects and customers that health and safety are in-hand.

Configured to your needs

Set custom exclusion zone sizes and authorise incursions when you need to.

What makes Zonr unique?

Easy to set up Zonr

Fastest to set up

Other solutions require specialist on-site support to deploy. Zonr can be deployed in minutes by anyone on your team.

The only wireless solution

You don’t want power leads and other cables getting under your feet. Zonr is the only fully wireless option on the market.
Zonr Flexible Dash

The most configurable

Every site and job is different. Zonr’s custom exclusion parameters and authorised incursions make it the most configurable solution.

The Zonr System.

Zonr Base Unit

The Zonr Base Unit sits within the cab, typically beside the equipment operator. It provides an audible and visual alert to the operator if someone gets too close. The operator can also authorise incursions when needed.

Zonr Tag​

The Zonr Tag is worn by your team and emits an UWB signal. If a user walks within the inclusion zone, it vibrates and emits an audible warning.

Zonr Sensor ​

The Zonr Sensor ‘listens’ for UWB signals emitted by the Zonr Tags. If one gets too close, it alerts the Zonr Base Unit.

Zonr Analytics

Zonr’s software gathers and stores data so that you can monitor the frequency of unauthorised incursions and improve over time.

Protect Your People. Safeguard Your Reputation.

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