FREE 30-Day Zonr Pilot

Try out our FREE 30-day Zonr pilot and witness first-hand the power of our PPI solution.

What’s Included in Your 30-Day Pilot:

✅On-site Installation: Our team will come to you and set up Zonr on your plant.

✅Comprehensive Training: Learn the ins and outs of Zonr with our detailed on-site training session.

✅Portal Access: Enjoy full access to the user-friendly portal to track and analyse your data effortlessly.

✅Regular Check-ins: We’ll schedule catch-up meetings to discuss the insights from your captured data.


Zonr is very powerful in two ways. Firstly, it improves safety behaviours through negative reinforcement, secondly the captured data equips you with the information needed to improve safety processes or highlight unsafe practises.

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Sign up for your FREE 30-day pilot below

2. Schedule an installation date that suits you

That’s it – leave the rest to us and we’ll install, train and onboard you on the day!

What's in a Zonr Kit?

@zonrsafety Whats in a standard Zonr PPI safety kit? Alot more than you think! #safety #construction #Zonr #fyp #safetyessentials ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim