Zonr™ Tag


Based on the highly successful Pathfindr Social Distancing Assistant developed during the Covid crisis, the Zonr™ Tag alerts the worker to the incursion to the plant safety zone encouraging them to move away from danger. Zonr™ Tags are purchased in boxes of five and require a Zonr Base to operate.

SKU PF/H/TAGSET01 Category Tag


The Zonr™ Tag is worn by your team and emits a UWB signal. If a Zonr™ Tag wearer walks within the exclusion (or red) zone of a Zonr™ Base, it vibrates and emits an audible warning.

Signal Type: UWB
Battery Length: 3 to 5 days*
Battery Type: : Lithium Cell 2000mAh
Charger Type: Micro-USB 12v/24v socket
Dimensions: 78x62x23mm
Temperature Operating Range: -20’C to 85’C
ROHS compliant
Components CE / FCC certified
Water Resistant: IP65 enclosure
Note: A Zonr™ Base unit (or a Zonr™ Sensor) is required to create an exclusion zone. 


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