Zonr™ Sensor


The Zonr Sensor extends the range of the exclusion zone for large plant. It acts as a relay between the Zonr Tags and Zonr Base.

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The Zonr™ Sensor extends the ‘listening’ range of a Base when affixed to a large plant/vehicle.
Alternatively, the Sensor can function as a stand-alone exclusion zone. Each pack contains two (2) Zonr™ Sensors. *

Sensor Range: 1m to 20m
Signal Type: Bluetooth LE
Battery Type: Lithium Cell 3000mAh
Battery Length: 3 months+
Dimensions: 128.4x38mm
Temperature Operating Range: -20’C to 85’C
ROHS compliant
Components CE / FCC certified
Water Resistant: IP65 enclosure

*No data will be sent to the Zonr portal without connection to a Zonr Base


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