Plant safety for recycling and waste

With waste management and recycling sectors coming under scrutiny from the UK government’s Health and Safety Executive, Zonr provides the perfect, flexible yet robust plant proximity protection device.

What is Zonr?

Zonr plant proximity solution has been designed and built using Pathfindr’s technology expertise with advice from rail maintenance experts QTS Group. It uses radio signals to create a virtual barrier or red zone around dangerous plant and equipment.

Worker safety concerns

According to data published by the HSE earlier this year, the waste and recycling sector’s fatal injury rate was 11 times as high between 2017/18 and 2020/21 when compared to the average across all industries.

This has prompted the HSE to undertake unannounced visits in order to assess, educate and potentially prosecute for infringements of heakth and safety legislation.

Digger showing Zonr radius

How does Zonr help save lives?

Zonr uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) signals to create an exclusion zone around dangerous plant and equipment.

Both the plant operator and the worker are alerted as soon as an incursion occurs.

What is Zonr?

Zonr Plant safety for recycling and waste has been designed to be highly flexible yet very robust. It can be moved between vehicles in minutes with a configurable red zone of between 2 and 20 meters.

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