“Quicker Than Making a Cup of Tea”: Setting Up Zonr on Your Site

Zonr set up time

How long does it take to set up Zonr Plant Proximity Solution on your site?

Unlike other virtual safety exclusion zone solutions, we won’t make you call out a specialist to install, configure and deploy the solution.

In fact, any member of your team can set up the solution.

And what’s more—it’s quicker than making a cup of tea.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s involved.

What is Zonr and How Does it Work?

Zonr is our dynamic virtual safety exclusion zone technology.

It uses ultra-wideband (UWB) signals to create a virtual barrier around dangerous or moving equipment and warn workers when they’re getting too close to breaching that barrier.

If a worker enters a pre-configured exclusion zone, they’re alerted via a vibrating tag on their arm and an audio alert. The equipment operator is also alerted by an audio alert and a flashing red light. And because it’s fully wireless, you don’t need to worry about your team being tripped up by power leads and other cables.

Zonr Proximity Digger

Before we can explain how to set up Zonr, we need to introduce the three items that make up its system. 

These are:

Zonr Base Unit – The Base Unit sits within the cab of the plant, typically beside the equipment operator. If an inclusion takes place, it will send an audio and visual alert to the operator. 

Zonr Tag – The Tag is a small, wearable device that attaches to the arms of team members and emits a UWB signal. If its wearer enters a pre-configured exclusion zone, it’ll send a vibration and an audio alert. 

Zonr Sensor – The Sensor is a secondary detection point to the base that provides extended and accurate exclusion zone coverage. It listens for UWB signals from the Tag and alerts the Base Unit if the Tag wearer is too close. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, we can run through setup.


Zonr Base Render
Zonr Base Unit
Zonr Sensor
Zonr Tag

How Quick is Zonr to Set Up?

While other virtual safety exclusion zone technologies might require specialist on-site support to set up and deploy, Zonr can be set up in minutes—and by any member of your team. 

All they need is a mobile phone and a good cellular signal. 

It also helps to set up user accounts in advance. Otherwise, they won’t be able to log in to the Zonr Portal and will have to contact their Zonr site administrator for access (which will slow down the setup process).

The set-up process is so quick and simple that we can narrow it down to just six key steps… 

  1. Scan the QR code on the Zonr Base 

Each Zonr Base has a visible QR code on its surface. Start by using your mobile phone’s built-in camera to scan the QR code on the Base that you want to set up. Then, click on the web link to open the Zonr Portal.

2. Select the option to add a new hazard

When you open the portal, you’ll see the option to “create a new hazard.” Once you click this, you’ll be invited to sign in (which is why it’s important to have your user account set up in advance). 

3. Add information about the hazard to the Base and set your exclusion zone

You’ll then be asked for information about the hazard you’re installing on the base. This will include the hazard name, type and group. 

4. Choose the exclusion zone from the Base

Position your Base inside the cab, plug it into the 12v/24v socket and choose the distance of your exclusion zone. The zone distance is measured from the Base and can be between 2m–20m.

5. Assign sensors, if required

If you’d like to assign sensors for extended and more accurate coverage, you can do so by assigning them to the hazard. All you need to do is select the serial number of the sensor and the distance of the exclusion zone from the drop-down list.

6. Complete set up

Finally, click “complete set up” to finish. To log these changes in your Base Unit and Sensors, turn the base on by holding power down for five seconds. Or if it’s already on, turn it off and then on again. You’ll see the device-ready screen if set-up has been successful. 

To turn on the Zonr Tag, simply hold down the power button for five seconds until you hear an ascending tone. 


See? The whole set-up process all-in-all takes just minutes. Quicker than making a cup of tea!

Zonr Flexible Dash

Reconfiguring a Hazard

If you need to make any changes after you’ve set up your system, re-configuring your equipment is just as easy. 
Simply scan the QR code on the base and log into the Zonr portal.

From here, you can select your required Base from the drop-down and change hazard type, exclusion zone distance and alert mode, as well as add, remove or change the exclusion zone around sensors. 

When you’re done, just press “Apply.”

Start Protecting Your People in Minutes

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